Choosing Gloves

Find Examples of Gloves for Commonly Used Products

Selecting the right glove for a specific product and task can be challenging due to the many different products on the market and their different chemical compositions. Two products used for the same task can contain different chemicals and require different gloves.

This database contains examples* of products commonly used in the masonry industry, their chemical composition, and the appropriate glove type(s) for a specific product. The products included as examples were selected based on information collected through surveys and discussions with industry stakeholders, including instructors and contractors.

The database is searchable by Craft and Task. The search results include examples of products for each craft-task combination, the generic glove type(s) recommended based on information in the products safety data sheet (there may be a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choice, depending on the chemicals), and examples* of commercially available gloves.

The examples* of products and gloves do not reflect all of the ones on the market -- they are only examples*.

Just as hand size is important when selecting tools, it is also important for selecting the right glove size.

*Environmental Profiles Inc. (EPI) researched the chemical content, generic gloves, rankings, brands and models, and related information gleaned from Safety Data Sheets and included in this database. EPI is a "multi-disciplined health, safety and environmental consulting firm providing a wide range of occupational/life safety, industrial hygiene and environmental services on a national basis." The information was compiled in 2013 and reflects EPI's best judgment based on the information available at that time. CPWR does not endorse any specific products or gloves. This database is intended to serve as a guide to help contractors understand what to look for when selecting gloves to protect their employees. This database is advisory only. The appropriateness of a product for a task and a glove for the product-task combination must be determined by the employer.