Choosing Hand Tools

Find Examples of Hand Tools

There are specific hand tool measures and features to consider when deciding if a hand tool is right – ergonomic – for you. But often, those measures are not readily available on manufacturers' websites or packaging materials.

This database provides these measures and features for examples* of different types of hand tools. This information can be used as a point of reference when comparing and purchasing hand tools. The models and brands included were identified through a survey of masonry craft workers and discussions with instructors and the Masonry r2p Partnership.

  • The Learn More section includes links to manufacturers and sources identified through surveys and discussions, as well as other resources to help you identify and select "ergonomic" hand tools.
  • To use the Hand Tool database simply select a craft and then select "All" or a specific type of hand tool to generate a list of examples, including links to the source or manufacturer.


Learn more

The following are links to examples* of manufacturers and distributors of hand tools. Take advantage of the Contact features on their websites to ask for the measurements you'll need to make informed decisions when purchasing hand tools.

Other resources:

*CPWR does not endorse any specific products, brands or tools.  This database is intended to serve as a guide to help craft workers understand what to look for when selecting hand tools.