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Everyone who performs tasks with products or materials that contain potentially hazardous chemicals, including project managers, foremen, superintendents, and workers should receive training before being assigned work. Training should address:

  • The product/material and the task for which it will be used;
  • The potential health and safety risk associated with the product/material, and safety measures required if there is the potential for skin or other exposure;
  • The type(s) of gloves that will be provided;
  • How to use and maintain the gloves – including how to put them on (donn) and take them off (doff) to avoid skin contact with the product/material, and how to determine if the glove is no longer providing protection and needs to be replaced.

The following materials include information on general hand safety, preventing skin disorders, selection and use of gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE), and hazard communications.  The materials are designed for use by workers, employers and instructors, and include items to use on the job and during skills training programs. 

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