CPWR Web Sites

CPWR Web Sites
www.silica-safe.org - A one-stop source of information on how to prevent a silica hazard and protect workers. Includes a free, confidential online planning tool.
www.stopconstructionfalls.com - The website for The Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction, a joint effort by government-labor-management to address the top cause of construction industry fatalities. 

www.cpwr.com/research/mast-climbers - This mast climber resource was set up to help contractors understand the benefit of this type of scaffold, when used safely and in accordance with manufacturer specifications.  This resource was developed under the guidance of the Masonry r2p Partnership.

www.elcosh.org - The Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health (eLCOSH.org) is an online library of safety and health publications and materials for construction workers, employers, researchers and others interested in construction safety and health. The content is compiled from a wide range of sources worldwide.
www.cpwrconstructionsolutions.org - Designed for owners, contractors and workers, Construction Solutions is a database of work hazards and examples of control measures to reduce or eliminate hazards.
www.safecalc.org - This Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator is designed to help contractors and other stakeholders evaluate the financial impact of new equipment, material or work practice introduced to improve safety.
www.esmartmark.org  - The site was established by the Building and Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO to distribute the Smart Mark training curriculum. To access this site, you need a user name and password from your international union.
www.btmed.org – The site for CPWR's Building Trades National Medical Screening Program. The goal of the program is to provide free medical screening to construction workers who helped build our nation's nuclear defense sites.